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The One Thing You Never Noticed About Disney Characters

So confused.

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"Like" buttons are so passé - Facebook unveils new "rea...

Facebook announced on October 8 that they’re testing new options to expand...

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Want to live for 150 years? All you have to do is give...

Professor Alex Zhavoronkov has branded sex a 'distraction' that stops human...

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Mac v PC - who's cooler now?

This week saw the unveiling of a futuristic computer in a very slick presen...

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15+ Of The Best Bird Tattoo Ideas Ever

If you're about to hit a tattoo parlor and opened this post - you're in luc...

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I’m An Immigrant, But I’m Not…

I’m an immigrant, but I’m not a monster!

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11 Things All Introverts Should Know

There’s more than one meaning of “introversion”, and it’s not the same as b...

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Which British Celebrity Should You Invite To Thanksgivi...

Forget about tea time — it’s turkey time!

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Good News For Penguins And Whales: The Antarctic Ross S...

With 598,000 square miles of protected area, a space twice the size of Texa...

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RIP Vine: Why is Twitter dumping video sharing app?

Well loved but not widely used, the video sharing platform is a casualty of...

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Team Tea Or Team Coffee?

You either prefer tea or coffee. Which is yours?

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At last! World's first robot that washes, dries, folds...

The days of ironing and sorting your clothes away by hand could be over, th...

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NASA Finds “Strong” Evidence For Water On Mars

Sorry everyone, that big announcement is not aliens.

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David Beckham and Kevin Hart team up for H&M campaign

If there ever was a brilliantly odd pairing, it’s this one.

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Who would you want to be best friends with?

Pick your best friend!

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